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Get Fast & Affordable Cockroach Removal From One of the Best Chicago Pest Control Companies

With more than a decade of clearing infestations for residential and commercial clients, Starks Pest Control serves as the cockroach exterminator Chicago needs.

Using an attack based strategy, one application can solve most cockroach infestations easily.

We understand the stress that having a cockroach problem brings.

We are determined to resolve the issue with our proven pest control expertise and top flight customer service.

With countless satisfied clients throughout the southwest suburban area, Starks Pest Control has gained a reputation as the cockroach exterminator Chicago calls upon when they want the job done right.

Cockroach Chicago Infestation Example

Do I Have a Cockroach Infestation?

Consider the following warning signs if you believe your home or business to be experiencing a cockroach problem.

  • If you see a cockroach during the daylight hours, an infestation likely has progressed.
  • The appearance of cockroach feces. This can look like black pepper flakes or coffee grounds depending on the species of roach.
  • Finding cockroach egg casings. Typically left behind after several eggs have hatched, these casings are commonly found in pantries, behind furniture and in cracked surfaces.
  • Often a cockroach infestation will produce a pungent, musty odor. This oily smell can indicate an infestation or even the existence of dead cockroaches.

Stop Cockroaches In Their Tracks

End Infestation With One Application!

Many national pest control companies will attempt to prolong a problem and trap clients in a cockroach exterminator contract.

At Starks Pest Control Chicago, we are confident in our ability to solve a cockroach problem in one application, saving our clients both time and money.

Cockroaches can be extremely versatile and resilient to extermination.

With nearly two decades of success as the cockroach exterminator Chicago calls upon, Starks Pest Control eagerly awaits the opportunity to make your pest infestation a distant memory.